Aug 25, 2014

Finding A New Salon In Bend Oregon Is Intimidating: 3 Tips To Finding Your Next Hair Stylist


By Dustin Nccorchuk

For most women, the way their hair looks is of utmost importance. Even more important than fancy clothes or good make up. A woman's hair really displays her personality. Women spend countless hours and dollars getting their hair perfect for A night on the town, their daily professional life, and most importantly their wedding. In order to maintain that perfect look, So a woman can feel good about herself, It is important to find A hair salon that will give you exactly what you want. When searching for a new salon, there are many different things you can do to be assured you are connected with the right stylist that will give you the best salon experience possible.

The first, and easiest place to search for a new hair salon in your area is on an Internet search. If you search in Google for hair salons in your city, You will most likely get eight or more choices. This is a good start and can be somewhat overwhelming, But there are ways to find out which salons are the best with just a little bit of research. Click on each salons website, And you often times can learn about the hairstylist, there experience and education, and their pricing for their hair services. There are usually pictures of the salon as well so you can see if it looks like a clean and professional environment that you would like to get your hair done.

While you are searching the Internet, you can also click on client reviews to see what other peoples experience was in that salon. You will often get a good feel for the professionalism of the hairstylist by the quality of testimonials written online. Sometimes this may be all you need to get the confidence to schedule an appointment.

If you still aren't convinced, the next best step would be to ask around because Word of mouth and customer experience is the most important advertising. If you happen to be in the supermarket, and notice someone's outstanding hairstyle, that resembles what you want your hair to look like, don't be afraid to ask them where they got their hair done. Usually women are excited about the hairstylist they go to, and would appreciate the compliment, And be more than happy to refer you to their hairstylist.

The Internet and word of mouth are my salons top two ways of getting new clients. Once you feel comfortable scheduling an appointment, the rest is up to the hairstylist to work her magic. A good hairdresser is warm and friendly, and will conduct a very thorough consultation before she does any work on your hair. This is where you will understand if your stylist is a good communicator or not. Good communication between the client and the hairstylist is very important, Because one miscommunication can be the difference between a good and bad haircut. Make sure before your hairdresser begins cutting, That you feel comfortable that here she understands exactly what you are looking for. It is a good idea to bring in photographs of the hairstyle you are going for as well.

Once your hair service is complete, you will know immediately if you chose a great hairstylist. You will have connected with him or her on a personal level, enjoy your time together, and Love the way your hair looks. If you have a great experience, be sure to write a Great online review so you can help others that are looking for a new hair salon as well.

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