Aug 20, 2014

Henderson Chiropractor Helps Alleviates Pain From Auto Accidents That Temporarily Disable Victims


By Frank Carbart

Automobile accidents are a major cause of injury to all parts of the body. Anything from a broken arm to a broken leg is possible. When the spine is injured it often causes long-term pain to the accident victim. A Henderson NV personal injury case can find pain alleviation in the office of a leading chiropractor.

The backbone is especially susceptible to harm due to the jerking motion of the car as it crashes. The vertebral bones that encase the delicate spinal cord may be misaligned by the impact. This can result in excruciating hurt.

The misaligned vertebrae are referred to as subluxated in chiropractic terminology. By pressing against a nerve, the subluxation can cause serious pain. As long as that pressure continues, the pain will not be reduced.

The chiropractor employs a method of care called spinal adjustment to gradually move the vertebrae back into place. When any amount of the pressure is relieved, the pain will also be reduced. By administering a series of these adjustments, the spinal column is returned to a healthy position.

Knee pain, shoulder pain and headaches can all be affected by a subluxation. It may be impossible to enjoy a decent quality of life. You may not be able to hold a job. In the case of a whiplash injury, it is not possible to turn the head from side to side.

Whiplash is primarily the result of a rear-end collision by another driver. Even if the speed is low, an injury can still occur. Women, because they have weaker necks, suffer this type of injury more often than men.

A victim may not feel the pain until the day following an accident. It may even be two days later. Others are in pain immediately, often at the crash site. Each individual reacts in a different way.

Whenever the hurting begins, call a leading chiropractor for an appointment. After a thorough assessment of your condition, your care can begin. In most cases, a series of manual spinal adjustments will reduce the intensity of the pain.

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