Aug 19, 2014

How Massage Therapy In San Francisco Alleviates Stress


By Selena Chery

With everyone in a hurry and rushing around, it is not uncommon for people to feel the effects of stress and anxiety. However, there is help available from San Francisco Thai massage therapy. In fact, you may notice many health benefits to these services.

This therapy is nothing new. In fact it has been around for a long time. The philosophy teaches that the body is full of life force energy (loom). This is the same basic principles that acupuncture is based on. When this energy cannot flow all through the body, it can create many different kinds of ailments. Thai massage is designed to free up blocked energy.

When energy cannot flow unimpeded throughout your system it can cause a build up tension in the muscles, especially in the shoulders and neck. This can be a contributing factor for headaches associated with tension and stress. Once energy can circulate freely, muscles may begin to relax and many of the symptoms of stress may disappear.

Stress is responsible for many kinds of ailments today. For instance, when faced with stressful situations your immune response is lowered and this makes you more vulnerable to disease. Stress can upset the digestive systems and make you feel tired and worn out even if you have had a full night's sleep. It also can cause back pain.

When you see a masseuse for therapy you will soon feel relaxed all over. This is a very pleasant experience as muscles let go and tension slowly leaves the body. As you are massaged, areas of blocked energy are released and this can bring quick relief to many kinds of painful conditions.

Natural and holistic massaging benefits not only the body, but also the mind. Once stress is relieved you may be able to think more clearly and cope with most of life's difficulties. To find out how this kind of therapy works, contact a trained Thai masseuse for more information.

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