Aug 23, 2014

Take Cheer Classes Louisville For Tryout Success


By Deanne Shepard

If you're thinking about trying out for a cheer team, you should really plan ahead. Cheer classes Louisville can teach you all you need to know about the specifics and skills of cheerleading. The required skills need both your time and effort to be mastered, so it's best that you try and learn them as soon as possible.

There are four jumps that are commonly utilized in cheerleading. These jumps are pike, toe touch, herkie, and front hurdler. Although you could look up how to do these online, it is far more effective if you learn them properly. The judges will not only look at how high you jump, but also the form you have. Signing up for classes or private lessons will teach you the right techniques. You can utilize these lessons and practice them at home.

For tryouts, most schools don't require tumbling skills. However, having them will help your scores. Tumbling classes can help you obtain these skills, and you should keep up with them until you have your tryouts. Round-offs, back handsprings, and back tucks can all help your scores. You can learn the skills much faster if you attend class, so make sure you go often. In addition to the regular classes, you will benefit by going to open gym sessions and taking private lessons.

Your classes will teach you how exactly to cheer for your tryouts. Your sharp and tight motions will be judged heavily. Make sure you practice cheering at home in front of a mirror if you can. You should be sure that you are doing all the motions with precise movements, including straight arms and sharp motions. You could also take some dance classes to help.

You have to be loud, yet not unappealingly so. Yell from your diaphragm to make your voice clear and deep. This might sound easy, but keep in mind that it's extremely difficult to cheer and yell while jumping around constantly. You should put in lots of effort to train yourself while you're being active. Try yelling while you are jogging in place or other exercises like jumping jacks.

When at tryouts, you may have to do some sprinting. You will also have to yell, cheer, and make arm movements while you run as well. Therefore, not being comfortable with this already will make you look awkward, and you might even have an issue in knowing what to do at all. To learn, go to a sports game and watch how the cheerleaders act. You can use this information and go home to practice the same things. An even better tactic would be to create a cheer routine that you can practice at home.

You have to smile during your cheer at all times. This sounds simple enough, but it is an easy factor to disregard when you keep your focus on your jumps. Practice smiling while you cheer as well.

When you practice your jumps and cheers at home, keep smiling. This will create a habit of doing so. You won't have to focus on smiling at your tryout this way, and you can keep the focus on the skills.

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