Aug 24, 2014

Trusted Henderson Chiropractic Office Helps Alleviate Whiplash Pain Naturally


By Jay Dy

Most whiplash injuries are caused by an automobile accident. The head is jerked forward rapidly and then back causing a misplacement of the vertebrae in the neck. The head is supported by them. There may be excruciating pain whenever the accident victim tries to turn her or his head. When the pain is disabling for residents of Henderson NV personal injury is alleviated in the office of a prominent chiropractor.

Each person is going to receive care that is individualized since each injury is different. Each victim responds in a different way to a car crash. Some may experience pain immediately after the accident. Others may have a delayed reaction.

When you have your first appointment, the chiropractor will start a complete assessment. Questions about the accident, the severity of the hurt you feel and the resulting disability will be asked. You will be asked to show how much movement of the head is possible.

A physical exam is performed to determine the extent of the injury. The range-of-motion is assessed and an x-ray might be necessary. After a complete evaluation, the plan for care can be suggested. Each care plan is specifically tailored to suit each client.

A series of spinal adjustments are usually the primary type of care that will ease the pain. If your spinal column is not correctly aligned, the vertebrae may press against one or more of the nerves located there. As a result, pain may be severe.

Corollary care may be a part of your plan. Muscles may be tightened. Specific finger pressure will be applied to trigger points in the back to relax those muscles. Some individuals require muscle stimulation. Your care will be individualized.

Appointments will be arranged for your continuing care. The gentle adjustments will gradually move the misaligned vertebrae back into alignment. This will relieve pressure against the nerves, thereby alleviating the pain.

The corollary care for muscular dysfunction and tightness are to gently stretch the affected muscles. A finger pressure technique is applied to specific trigger points to alleviate pain. You will receive the additional benefit of professional advice on possible lifestyle changes to make either temporarily or long term.

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