Aug 9, 2014

What One Can Learn From A Horse Riding School Stockton Ca


By Tanisha Berg

A lot of people would want to learn the art of horse riding because it is a very thrilling and exciting sport that can really challenge the body strength of a person. Of course it is also known to be a dangerous sport simply because there is an animal that would be involved in it. It is for this reason that before one can actually ride horses, he would first have to enroll in a horse riding school stockton ca in order to learn the basics.

Now the first thing that one would be learning would of course be safety. It is very important to first learn the parts of the saddle because this is the tool that will be able to help students keep their seat while they are on their horses. For beginners, the English saddle will be used.

The reason as to why the English saddle is being used is because it is actually one of the safest and one of the easiest to use. Now if one would use the English saddle, he will notice that his rear area and his thigh area would be squeezed by it. Now this is one of the good things about this type of saddle because it provides riders with extra security.

When that is already done, one has to now learn how he should properly sit on the saddle. Now if one would be riding in the English style, he will have to sit upright and make sure that the weight is distributed in equal proportions. He will be holding himself up using the supporters that are on his feet in order to have more balance.

After learning how to balance himself, he has to now learn how to use the reins in order to command the horse. Now take note that the reins are located on the right side and of course the left side. If one would want to move the stallion to the right, he has to pull the reins on the right and same thing goes for the left side.

Now if one is learning how to pull the reins, he has to remember to handle them delicately. The reason why they should be handled lightly is simply because if they are handled roughly, then the horses might get spooked. Now if one would want his horse to go faster, he just has to give a light whipping motion using the reins.

Now if one is already comfortable with going fast, then he now must bounce along with the animal while it is moving. The reason as to why he has to do this is simply because if he does not, he will lose his balance. So in order to bounce with it, he has to jerky himself up every time it gallops.

So basically these are some of the things that one will be learning if he would enroll himself in a school for horse riding. Do remember that upon starting the lesson, do not be so ambitious and ride really fast right away. One should start slowly and then gradually increase the speed as time progresses.

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