Feb 1, 2015

Fitness Through A Belly Dance Workout Book


By Janine Hughes

Belly dancing as we all know it, mainly involves the movement of the mid-section parts of the body. This dance is believed to mainly help in toning down the stomach and abdomen fat. It is worth noting that it can benefit many other parts of the body. One can invest in a belly dance workout book or DVD if interested in exercising alone. It is a very fun way of keeping fit.

In Toronto, there are dancing sessions which is an alternative to people who do not understand the workout book. This dancing type is known to build the muscles of the arms and the back. The torso movements make the muscles firm just like any other type of exercise. The above movements combined with other shoulder movements help to relax these muscles. This dancing type also inhibits one from pains experienced at the back and shoulders. An upright body posture is also maintained in the process.

Women who practice tummy dancing enjoy its benefits during their menstrual period. They go through a lot of physical and emotional stress during this period of the month. Hip and belly movements increase the circulation of blood around the pelvic region. This in turn relaxes the body and helps in relieving their stress physically and emotionally.

Pregnant women who involve themselves in this type of exercise is also very helpful to them. It provides strength to the pelvic muscles which prepares the mother for a child birth. The dancing movements come so natural to the mother such that they will not cause any type of discomfort. They help the mother especially during labor and later on after she has given birth.

Some types of diseases can be controlled through belly dancing. For those who have the arthritis disease experience relaxation and conditioning of the joints. This helps them feel less pain and discomfort at the joints. Stiffness of the shoulders can also be relieved through this type of dancing. Before one starts to engage herself in this type of dance, one should seek advice from a doctor.

This dancing type can burn up to 300 calories in an hour depending on the intensity of your dance. When combined with a healthy diet, it can be part of a very effective weight loss program. Since most people might only do it once or twice in a week, it can be combined with other exercises especially on the days one is free. The entire body will feel and display the benefits of this dance.

Is also helps one feel and look confident. It improves the body and makes it look more feminine. The movements are self-expressing and makes the dance liberating. One feels good in the inside and it is reflected on the outside. It builds the self-esteem of a person because one walks tall and oozes out confidence.

A tummy exercising book can be of great help to those who are ready to reap the benefits of this type of dancing. It brings about changes inside and improves the functioning of inner conscience. Changes inside are also seen outside through how one behaves. Outside physical changes are seen through the improvement of the physical form. It is a life changing event that every woman should try out.

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