Feb 22, 2015

Job Description For A Racehorse Trainer


By Katina Brady

If you want to take on a career and make an income out of it, you would have to evaluate yourself. Try to assess what are the things that you are interested in and what are the areas you are good at. Between these two domains, you will surely find the job that is suited for you. For some people, animals are always good companions. If you plan to take your involvement with them to the next level, you can choose a job involving them.

Some people are utterly fascinated with horses and their power. If you are one of them, it would not hurt to try and become a racehorse trainer. The main goal is to train and take care of a certain foal until it becomes a good horse for racing. You will have to focus on the horse and not the rider for this.

It is true that the creature needs to have the right body to be in the race. But this can be achieved through their breeding. If you want to have a winning animal, it needs the proper training among other things. And if you are wondering how you will become a trainer, you need to enroll a course for this.

The function of the trainer is not limited to one field alone. Once the creature is already old enough to race, you will be responsible for the training and the daily exercise. It is natural for a steed to run around. But when it comes to racing, they require not only speed but power as well.

One of the ways to breed a good racehorse is to ensure that they eat right from when they are babies to the time when they are ready. You will be taught of the things that you are allowed and not allowed to feed them. Later on, when you already have enough knowledge, you can formulate your own diet for them.

It is important that you have connection to the racing authorities. This is so that you will have knowledge if there are any upcoming races. And if there are, you need to assess if the horse if ready for it or for a different type.

Before any of the real training starts, you have to make sure that they are not scared when it comes to the presence of other humans. This is necessary because you are not the one who will be riding them. The owner of the animal is the one to ride them. And there will many individuals who will prepare them for the race.

There are two types of trainers. There are those that only focus on the general racing. This means that you will only train the animal for the common and traditional racing. This is the one that you usually see on movies where the animals run around the oval and try to finish several laps.

There are other types. For example, you want to be an expert trainer for an equestrian horse. This can also be possible but you have to be prepared for the in depth training. This is also divided into different classes. You can have the chance to train for a specific division then move on to the next.

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