Feb 13, 2015

Learn How Kent WA Chiropractic Office Provides Safe Solutions For Neuropathy Sufferers


By Cliford Waluhan

For patients suffering from neuropathy, the pain and discomfort can be debilitating. Those who live with this condition often find life to be a constant struggle as they try one medical care plan after another in their quest to obtain relief. Thankfully, Kent chiropractic services can help to lessen pain, restore function, and regain lost quality of life.

As medical conditions go, neuropathy is one that resists many doctors' best efforts. Part of this is due to the many symptoms that the condition can present. Patients can experience numbness, aching extremities, and tingling feelings. They can also suffer from pain sensations that often appear most strongly in the evening. Doctors generally address these symptoms with medicine or physical activities. Chiropractors, however, try to deal with the underlying problems causing this discomfort.

In many cases, an improperly aligned spine can result in increased pressure on the nerves. This pressure can heighten the amount of pain that patients experience. A spinal adjustment performed by a competent chiropractor can help to restore the body's natural balance, alleviate nerve pressure, and reduce those pain levels.

Another common problem is the issue of muscle tension. Since so many nerves run throughout the various muscles of the body, any unnatural tension in those muscles can compress the nerves. It is that compression that can often result in a loss of feeling, sore extremities, and pain.

The chiropractor uses a variety of massage techniques to loosen muscle tissue. That enables knots and other signs of tension to be removed from the muscles, which decreases the pressure on those nerves. This reduction of pressure diminishes the pain caused by nerve compression.

Granted, these chiropractor methods are not intended to provide everlasting relief from neuropathy. For patients who do seek a chiropractor's help to manage their neuropathy-related symptoms, however, the reduced levels of pain and renewed quality of life can be truly dramatic.

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