Feb 16, 2015

Must-Have Features For A Wheels For Golf Bag


By Beryl Dalton

Different types of bags are available for people's use these days. A nice example of a luggage that you can bring with you is the wheels for golf bag. You should have this when you go golfing with your family members or friends. This will let you carry your stuff without any inconveniences when you go from one spot to another while golfing.

It is a must that you pick out the best one. After all, you need something that you can conveniently carry around while you are playing. If you want to pick out the best one, then there are numerous features you must look for. Here are a few of those features you must look for upon your purchase.

First, you have to look into the dividers. The dividers divide the top opening of this luggage. You can find a lot of bags nowadays which do not have the aid dividers while there are others that have a 14-way divider. The length also differs depending on the kind of luggage you opt for. You have to choose carefully then.

Putter well. It is also required of you to find one which has a putter well. The putter well is the separate compartment where you will be putting your putters. It is through the putter well that you can avoid damaging other clubs' shafts. It is also through this that you can preserve the good condition of your putter heads.

There should be pockets with the said luggage. You will need it to bring spare balls or tees. There are gears you have to stuff in your luggage as well. There are even times when you need a separate pocket to put in your cellphone. Think about what stuff you want to bring with you when golfing and decide on the number of pockets accordingly.

Look into the type of handles and straps it have. You can say that this is a feature in the luggage that should help you handle it easily. You have to be sure that the straps and handles are placed properly. You can also decide whether you want it to be a backpack-style one or a single strap one to sling on your shoulder.

Umbrella holder. There should also be an umbrella holder with the luggage you ordered. This is, as its name says, a compartment in your luggage which will hold the umbrella. The umbrella is necessary when you are golfing because this is what will protect you from both the sun and the rain.

Speaking of rain, it is better to have a rain hood too. Not many bags have a rain hood these days. Even alternate weather protection systems are rare to find nowadays in the said luggage. You better be meticulous about this so that you can protect the luggage from the rain.

Towel loop and rings. It is also a given for you to find a luggage that has a towel loop or towel ring. After all, this is the feature that holds the towels you will use when you are golfing. The towels are important for your play because they help you wipe off the dirt or sweat off your face while golfing.

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