Feb 21, 2015

Survive The Off Season With NFL Total Offensive And Defensive Rankings


By Olivia Cross

What is the die-hard NFL football fan supposed to do during the agonizing months in between February and August. February brings with it the awesome Super Bowl, followed by the super crash the following week, when it finally sinks in that there isn't a game on Sunday. There won't be a game for lots of Sundays. Well, there are last year's statistics to pour over, among them the NFL total offensive and defensive rankings.

There are plenty of ways to deaden the pain. There may still be football-themed apps to download on both tablet computer and smart phone. This is a good time to begin what you promise yourself every year, that you will learn the names and statistics about each of the players starting in that glorious day in September when it all kicks off again for another year.

For most of February, it may still be possible to find people on the discussion forums. Yes, there are still stones left to be unturned on Inflatagate. Why doesn't the NFL supply the balls to everybody on both teams? Are they going broke? That opens up a whole new world on the discussion groups - conspiracy theories.

Come March, there may still be withdrawal symptoms. Followers of Formula One will be able to put the NFL on hold when the first race starts. Sunday afternoons have meaning again! This leaves those who aren't race fans to fend for themselves. Time to start digging the vegetable garden, maybe?

Easter usually occurs in April. This can provide a brief respite from the gloom of no Sunday or Monday Night football. The weather in most parts of the country is still not quite right for barbecues, but there is plenty to do in the back yard to get ready for summer socializing. Now would be a good time to get a head start on that spreadsheet you have been promising yourself so you can keep closer track of the players' stats next season. Fill in the data for last year so you can be prepared to compare the numbers with this in the forthcoming season.

May. The weather is getting nicer but, until Memorial Day, not quite right for the barbecue. But now you have a goal, get that back yard ready by the end of the month. Dust the cobwebs off the garden furniture and give it a good rinse. Mow the lawn. Work on your spreadsheet.

In June, just as you start to see the first shoots of the veggies you sowed in April, so to the new shoots of interest in the new NFL season start emerging. You might even start to see the early birds on the NFL discussion forums. Go on. Poke your head above the parapet and post something. If you're lucky, you can still pick a fight with someone about Inflategate.

Ah, the hot summer months of July and August. Hope is on the horizon. Fill your time with garden parties and in the blink of an eye, it's September and time for the opening match of the new season. Now, instead of filling your time, you can be filling your fridge with beer and wings. Don't forget the potato chips. Life, and Sunday afternoons, have meaning again.

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