Mar 12, 2015

Simple Tips For Successful Menopausal Weight Loss


By Leslie Ball

The greatest concern for women at menopause and post-menopause period is the ease with which they gain weight and how hard it is to loose it. However, menopausal weight loss is very easy to achieve by following simple tips. The tips provide a long term solution to that does not take you through strenuous exercises or tasteless crush diets.

The dietary magic can be revealed by scheduling a visit to your nutritionist. The nutritionist studies your diet and makes recommendations for adjustment. The nutritionist is a single unit in a trilogy that also includes a psychologist and an exercise physiologist. The three offer a comprehensive and professional approach that is guaranteed to deliver reliable results.

The foods recommended by nutritionists are aimed at getting rid of excess fat as well as prevent any gain. They have recommended fruits and vegetables because of their tremendous benefits. The options in this food category will ensure that your preferences in terms of taste are considered.

Sweetened deserts and foods containing processed sugars should be avoided in the diet. They are easily digested and converted into body fat. Other foods to avoid are cheese, meat and sweetened drinks.

Checking your body weight offers numerous benefits including avoidance of lifestyle diseases. Risky diseases at this age include arthritis, high blood pressure and heart complications. The parts that are most affected by arthritis are the knees and hips. Women are also exposed to diabetes complications.

To avoid excess fat, make exercises part of your routine. There are many options that do not have to include the gym. Some include dancing, gardening or at least thirty minutes workout. It is advisable to combine a number of exercises so that all body parts are fully covered. Do not focus on an entire marathon or spending numerous hours in the gym. Your home presents numerous options to improvise.

A discussion about the content of your diet is crucial. During the discussion with a qualified nutritionist, you will be surprised by the unhealthy foods in your fridge. Slight changes or the choice of healthier but equally tasty alternatives are available with incredible results.

Soft drinks like sodas and sweetened drinks should be kept out of reach. Their concentration of calories and its ability to lead to additional fat is alarming. A single bottle has the potential of reversing gains made over weeks. The best alternatives are seltzer water with lime wedge or lemon. It is equally refreshing and healthy.

To effectively manage your weight, avoid hunger at all costs. Keeping some fruits within reach is a perfect way to do that. Regular bits will keep your stomach full. This will minimize the urge to eat.

An exercise partner offer encouragement and support in your weight management plan. A walking or exercising partner makes the moments memorable by ensuring that you long for them. Identify a schedule for your exercise meetings and make it a habit. All the tips given should be religiously and consistently followed to ensure that they deliver desired results.

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