Nov 14, 2015

An Article On Midwife Childbirth Services


By Mattie Knight

A midwife in simple terms is a person, in most cases a woman, who is specifically trained to take care of a woman all through her pregnancy, labour and childbirth. They also provide postnatal services at home. Some can be found in the hospital, others do community work while there are the private ones who are directly hired by persons. In relation to this, the following is information on midwife childbirth services.

Childbearing is one of the most powerful experiences that one has to go through during her lifetime. It is however not an easy process hence this is where the role of midwives come in. She gives her patients the courage to know that they can make it. This is when a woman draws her inner strength that which she did not even know she had. Provided there are no known complications, the accoucheuse provides her services to the best of her abilities.

In the event that one decides to have a home delivery, the midwife makes a point of availing herself as soon as her patient goes into labour. She will direct her on the different positions to take to enhance labour. Techniques on how to pursue contractions are also taught to ensure that no complications arise along the way.

During labour, the accoucheuse often takes a record of the womans blood pressure, pulse and body temperature. The pulse of the baby is taken too and one is asked to stay active. She may from time to time massage the abdomen to see the position the baby is at. In case of any complications, the doctor is notified immediately and immediate action is taken.

Accoucheuse childbirth services do not end after delivery. She accompanies the couple and their new born to make sure that they are alright. The parents are then given tips on how to deal with parenting and are also shown how to breastfeed. Regular checkups are conducted until the baby is about six weeks old to ascertain that both the mother and her newborn are in perfect health.

At all times, it is important that a good relationship between the client and her accoucheuse should be maintained. This means that they are supposed to give moral support to her patient and encourage her all through. She is also required to be loving, caring and very understanding. Individuals are supposed to be aware of the fact that both teams should put their best foot forward for the whole process to be successful.

Due to the fact that childbirth is a matter of life and death, it is important to the very keen while selecting the ideal midwife. One is supposed to be professional trained and very experienced in this sector. She should also be up to date on medical issues . Ability to effectively take care of the baby and mother through pregnancy, labour, childbirth and after delivery should be ensured

In conclusion, statistics have shown that many women die each year as a result of childbirth related issues. At other times children die in the process. Despite the fact that there are many who do not see the importance of hiring a midwife, they are very helpful and will in the long run help save many lives due to the care they give.

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