Nov 26, 2015

Issues Affecting Womens Health Reno


By Marci Nielsen

Reno, NV is world famous as women's rights are given a lot of importance here. Over the years, problems regarding womens health Reno have improved significantly. At the same time, there are lots of other issues that women have to face on a daily basis and these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible.

One of the major health issues that many women face these days, is none other than cancer. Mainly two different types of cancers are very common in females. One type is known as the breast cancer and the other is known to be cervical cancer. Its important to detect cancer at an early age so that the patient can be treated well in time.

Statistics show that death rate for such illnesses is higher in less developing countries as the process of screening is not present there. Furthermore, the treatment cost is much higher which leaves just a handful of people who can afford to get the right treatment.

Sexual and reproductive health problems are also an issue faced by females. Unfortunately, in developing countries, people are not educated therefore they are not familiar with the risks of doing unsafe sex. The reproductive nature is disturbed if the woman's body undergoes trauma like abuse, rape or excessive amount of abortions. The woman not only bears physical scars but her mental health is affected adversely as well.

Pregnancy and labor confusions can be counteracted yet in creating districts of the world, even the essential administrations are not set up. This is on account of the powers don't have enough assets to put fundamental checks set up which leaves people well being at danger. Which implies more females are inclined to such confusions and in the long run they bite the dust.

One of the leading causes to female death in lower middle class countries is the transmission of sexual diseases especially HIV. Young females are affected the most and they don't have access to the required treatment as well. This makes them even more vulnerable and they are left on their own to deal with their illness. If people are given education that how they can protect themselves then its most likely that transmission of sexual diseases could be minimized to a certain extent.

Domestic violence has increased over the recent years. Irrespective of the fact that whether you live in a developed or developing country, such violence can be found everywhere and the unfortunate thing is that most of the females don't even complain about it as usually they are abused by their own partners and they take it as if nothing happened. Research reveals that 1 in 3 females is abused one way or the other. If females are empowered and given the rights then they can fight against those who are abusing them very badly.

Studies show that females have an increased tendency to get affected by mental health issues as compared to men. They are commonly affected by depression, anxiety, stress and other The World Health Organization has always worked hard to look out for these issues and find appropriate solutions so that they no longer exist.

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