Nov 10, 2015

Some Vital Laser Tag Tips


By Mattie Knight

There are some games in your life that you have to take more seriously than others. This is one of them. A chance to be in that small arena is not cheap. So, you have to make the most out of your experience and try to win for you to have something to brag about to everyone who is willing to listen.

First of all, pick the suits that are really dark. A standard laser tag Chula Vista arena will be in this color palette which means that you can easily blend in. However, do not hide all the time since you still have to shoot to end this game in the soonest time possible. Time can be very limited here.

Your strategy in San Diego, CA will only work if you shall separate your best shooters from your newbies. This is not to discriminate their skills but to protect one another. With the lower team, your rivals will have a hard time pointing their rifles to your alpha side which can earn you a point.

Do not encourage movement for the lower box shooters. That can reveal their position and make the rivals shoot on them instead. So, let them stay hidden among the shadows and only allow them to move once the number of rivals have already been decreased. Timing is crucial here.

Act quickly when the enemy is trying to back out. Attack them from behind which can make them turn front and reveal the assigned target area. Also, do not give them the time to refill their ammo. As much you want to prolong this game, you cannot lose the sure chance at winning since you have a reputation to protect.

Use military films as your learning materials. However, you only have to focus on the strategies being used and nothing more. These people are still your colleagues even if you do not fully like them. Also, violence can only make others look at you differently which can make you less sociable.

Learn to master the art of perfect timing. So, when your rival is nearby, only pounce at them when they are not ready or else, you are the one who can get killed virtually. The closeness of a shooter does not matter for as long as you know how to deflect it.

Have the courage to attack the enemy side head on. However, you have to be sure that your number is already greater than them. This can even the odds especially when they are running low on battery. This can also increase the excitement which you have been feeling for the past few minutes.

Just keep your presence of mind in a situation such as this one. Tactics are the ones which can bring you to your success. Also, encourage everyone to listen to suggestions since your strategy has to be the output of each member. The results can be more fruitful in that way.

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