Dec 23, 2015

Discover Fine Custom Jewelry In Danville CA For That Special Gift


By Eve Briner

The gift of jewelry is a rare event in the lives of most people. It surpasses everyday gifts like cologne and clothing with its wow factor. A treasured piece of jewelry has value way beyond its price. Danville CA Custom Jewelry Design artists can work with buyers to create a piece that is both intimate and memorable.

Buyers can choose from the wide assortment of custom made rings, necklaces and bracelets. Or buyers may choose to be part of the creative process by showing designers the type and color of stones and the particular stone setting that will suit their tastes. You can be assured that only the finest quality gems are used and that all pieces are carefully hand crafted.

Precious and semi-precious stones are used to create whatever the minds eye can imagine. Gems come in a virtual rainbow of colors and provide a vibrant palette for the designer. Some buyers prefer dainty delicate pieces, while others are looking for bold modern statement pieces. With designers you can get exactly what you want.

The precious metals used for setting stones are platinum and many shades of gold. Everything that goes into this recipe, the gems, the cut, the setting, the simplicity or complexity of design all come together in the finished piece. A custom designed engagement ring will be a constant reminder of the thoughtfulness and care that went into its design.

Buyers meet with designers to express what they are looking for in the finished product. Drawings and photos are helpful to make sure the buyer and the designer are on the same page. Be open with the artisan regarding your feelings and general taste.

Whether you are looking for a reproduction of a specific heirloom or something modern and sleek in design, the designers will work with you to produce the piece you desire. It will be a reminder of the love and artistry that created this treasured gift.

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