Dec 24, 2015

Techniques Of Maintaining Longboard Skateboards


By Marci Nielsen

The need for speed by a number of people has seen much advancement in various machines. Many prefer using simple means to navigate their way around busy streets and cities as long as they are able to beat the traffic snarl ups. Surfers also have the need to experience the speed associated with surfing in huge water bodies. Owing to this reason, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of Longboard skateboards.

Many people view long boards as the sister to skate boards. This perception is due to the fact that the two are similar in appearance. Long boards have four parts, that is, the deck, truck, wheels and bearings. These components also exist within a skateboard. Long boards are meant for long distance cruising whereas skateboards are performing stunts. Maintenance of the long board is important for enabling longevity.

The deck is the most essential part of a longboard. This can be attributed to the fact that it usually wears out faster than all other components. The material used in making it is mostly a ply wood. Other materials such as fiberglass can also be applied in order to contribute to rigidity. If exposed to water, the ply in the wood may crack. It is essential to dry off when exposed to water and keep in a cool dry place.

The next components are the bearings. These are the circular metal components located inside the wheels. They allow the wheels to spin and without them, the wheel cannot function. When the wheels spin from time to time, plenty of heat is generated. It is vital for these bearings to be changed regularly. Lubrication is also recommended. Bearings are mostly found in skate shops along the streets of Escondido, CA.

Long board trucks are in most cases made in such a way that they can put up with heavy weight and punishment. The trucks can be defined as the metal components which play a role of attaching the wheels to the deck. They are usually made of rubber cushions. The rubber allows for flexing continuously. Over a longer period of time, it can cause wearing out. The remedy is replacement.

The wheels also act as a huge incentive. This is because they are responsible for making contacting with the concrete. Owing to this reason, they are more susceptible to occasional damage. It is recommended that they be given a spin either once or twice in a while. Wearing out is majorly attributed to the boarding habits of the user. When severely damaged, they have to be immediately replaced with new ones.

Overall examination of the longboard is highly recommended. People who are used to the habit of frequent boarding without examining the equipment may be in for a big surprise. Accidents can occur due to instability or any other related problem. It is vital to check for any cracks before and after you begin boarding.

Modern longboards have been improved and designed tough enough to withstand various weather conditions. Even though this is true, it remains the sole responsibility of maintaining it. Individuals who save up plenty of cash are those who are able to alleviate spontaneous damages in their longboards. For those using it for sporting purposes, event organizers must verify that such boards are safe before use.

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