Dec 4, 2015

Who Are Advanced Laparoscopic Specialists


By Marci Nielsen

The morbidly obese have often tried dieting, exercise programs, and fasting without success. Advanced Laparoscopic Specialists in New York city are trained in a comprehensive program designed to help individuals who are at least 100 pounds above their ideal weight and who are facing health problems in consequence. In a fully personalized program, gastric by-pass surgery is only one step.

This surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach, is considered by many to be frivolous. However, those who are obese desperately need help. They face life-threatening health concerns including type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other cardio issues, and sleep apnea. All of these are serious, as well as making life difficult, and all can lead to complication that lower the quality of life.

Exercise, a key part of any weight-control or health-building program, is hard for the obese. Since muscles burn calories most efficiency, lack of muscle tone exacerbates weight gain. A sedentary life leads to digestive problems, more rapid weight gain, and an increase of body fat. Circulation of lymph and blood is compromised, which lowers immunity. It is not uncommon for obesity to lead to chronic illness.

Excess poundage stresses joints such as knees and ankles, making even moderate walking for a mile or more virtually impossible. As lack of exercise contributes to weight gain, the problem only worsens. If the person also has hormonal issues and poor eating habits, the stage is set for obesity. In the United States, this condition is the second largest 'bad habit' cause of death. The first is smoking. In fact, too much sitting is now called 'the new smoking'.

Laparoscopic surgery has many benefits for the patient. Done with endoscopes, or long rods that are inserted through tiny incisions, this technique lessens the chance of infection and causes less pain and scarring. Recovery time is greatly reduced.

This form of surgery is less invasive and stressful. People whose bad health makes them poor candidates for conventional surgical procedures can benefit from laparoscopic techniques. These techniques have lowered the risks associated with gastric by-pass, making it even more acceptable as a weight-control option.

The clinics that offer this service also provide comprehensive support. Dietitians and nutritionists hold classes on proper eating habits and good lifestyle choices. Support groups help both before and after surgery and recovery, giving people the encouragement they need for success. Behavioral counselors help people understand the emotional aspects of obesity and the ways that people can cause themselves to fail.

Patients have all the help they need to lose weight and keep it off. Without this kind of extra care, many people gain the weight back after by-pass surgery. With counseling and support, as well as the skilled hands of trained surgeons, people can truly find new life, hope, happiness, and health.

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