Jan 10, 2016

Diabetes Sufferers Find Relief With Functional Medicine Center


By Lonnie Trevarthen

There are many people in America who suffer from thyroid disorders. According to statistics there are fifty-nine thousand who do. Considering the tiny size of this organ in the neck, it can be responsible for a large number of problems. As a prominent Dallas thyroid doctor will confirm, any such condition should not be ignored.

Not all who are stricken exhibit the same set of symptoms. It can be confused with the many other conditions which have similar symptoms. Sometimes a blood test is the only way to evaluate it. Individuals who have painful joints or weakness in the arms may want to consider it as the causative factor.

Many symptoms that may indicate this dysfunction are signs of other disorders as well. A swollen thyroid gland, along with dry skin and brittle hair are associated with diabetes, for example. If your energy is low and you are super-sensitive to the cold weather, these are also indicative signs.

Medical research studies have discovered that diabetes and thyroid dysfunction frequently occur in an individual concomitantly. This is said to be true because both are dependent on the endocrine system. When a person has either type one or type two diabetes, the tests for thyroid dysfunction should be administered.

It is not apparent to non-medically trained individuals how chiropractic care can be beneficial as a method to alleviate diabetes or thyroid disease. However, when the spinal column is subluxated, or misaligned, the nerve impulses needed to activate the pancreas are blocked. A series of spinal adjustments can correct this blockage.

The pressure on the spinal nerves that is blocking the signals can be lifted through the spinal adjustments. This may promote sufficient production of insulin. It is easy to see how freeing the nerve impulses and promoting insulin production can benefit diabetics. Medical doctors and chiropractors sometimes work as a team to give the best care to one individual afflicted by both diseases.

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