Jul 14, 2016

A Look At Whole Body Wellness With Philadelphia Functional Medicine


By Rae Patricio

People who suffer with chronic and continuing disorders typically rely on traditional medicine for relief of their symptoms and pain. Unfortunately, this type of therapy provides insignificant support. The more modern approach of functional medicine is holistic in nature and works to accomplish balance in the body. Philadelphia Customized Wellness programs help increase awareness and provide resources.

This is an approach to medicine that considers the whole body and the balance within to address the symptoms of a disorder. Different techniques are implemented that work to improve the function of the musculoskeletal system. Also, the techniques will protect the body from additional damage that might prevent recovery.

This holistic approach improves the health and balance of an individual. The focus is on changing the lifestyle habits to relieve and prevent symptoms in the future. Disruptions in the body balance are caused by such conditions as back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and migraines.

The practitioner will complete an assessment on the patient that looks at daily routines that include nutritional habits, stress, and exercise. This evaluation will help identify the cause of the disorder. Focus is them aimed at the cause for symptoms. Additional information may include genetic data and how the health of the person is effected.

The evaluation is used to determine if there is a condition that is affecting the health adversely. There are some disorders like digestive problems and physical limitations that are brought on from inflammation that cannot be relieved by medications only. The functional doctor uses holistic strategies to restore the health of patients.

This is an approach that aims to support the health needs of the patient. The customized solutions are designed using the results of the patient assessment. The goal is to help reach balance within the body and maintain it. These plans are customized to help folks with nutrition, diet, and manage stress, that will restore their health.

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