Jul 11, 2016

By Opting For Yoga Reno Residents Opt For Holistic Growth


By Elizabeth Edwards

When the Indian philosopher Swami Vivekanada toured the US and Canada in the latter part of the eighteen hundreds he could surely not imagine just how popular his new philosophy of Asana would become in the years ahead. He preached a philosophy that is holistic and that will help people to improve their minds, bodies and spirit. It became popular almost immediately. Today, with yoga Reno residents find themselves healthier, happier and fitter.

Despite the fact that Asana has been around for a very long time, many people still misunderstand it. Some think that it is only a unique form of exercising. Others are scared because they think it is some form of eastern religion. These, and other misconceptions are not true. Asana is merely a philosophy that helps people to improve all aspects of their lives, including the mental, spiritual and physical domains.

The basis of Asana focus on the mastery of numerous stretching exercises and poses. These exercise and pose are not the true purpose of Asana, however. They only serve as tools to help practitioners to attain focus and to help them to improve their minds, their bodies and their spirits. Newcomers should realise that there are several approaches to this discipline. Some forms are more strenuous and others more relaxed.

There is never any pressure on those that practice Asana. There are no competitions and classes routinely consist of members at various levels of achievement. Nobody is ever pressurised to progress to the next level. Even better, even very young and very old people can actively participate. There are even some severely physically disabled people that benefit from this philosophy.

Asana has been the focus of numerous studies over the years. It seems as if there can be no doubt that practitioners enjoy many health benefits. There is conclusive proof that people suffering from heart disease, asthma, other respiratory diseases, some forms of cancer and hypertension benefit from participation. Even those suffering from mental conditions such as severe anxiety and depression benefit.

Another great benefit is that it is not expensive or difficult to get started with Asana. You do not need special equipment or clothes. You can get going on your own in the comfort of you own home if you wish. Experts agree, however, that it is beneficial to attend at least a few beginners classes with a reputable instructor. It is necessary to find and adopt the specific approach to this philosophy that will best suit the individual concerned.

There are lots of resources for those that want to start practising yoga. Just about every bookshop stocks many different books on the subject. Then there are numerous websites that are dedicated to this subject. Some offer interactive discussion forums, training videos and advice columns. On top of this, even small communities host experienced teachers that can provide valuable advice and support.

Modern life is complex, demanding and stressful. It seems that Asana has given millions of people an opportunity to not only negate the stresses that they experience every day, but to also grow as individuals. Asana is certainly here to stay.

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