Jul 16, 2016

Learn How To Feel Your Best With Philadelphia Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


By Selena Chery

A person must experience multiple developmental stages as they pass through life. It is a series of biological changes that happen simply as a matter of aging naturally. Through the assistance of Philadelphia customized wellness programs, an individual can feel their best during all phases of the journey.

Most people begin to experience changes in their hormone levels when they hit the age of about thirty-five. These imbalances tend to become more evident as they reach their middle forties. The more prominent the differences become, the likelihood that they will impact the individual's lifestyle is increased.

Hormonal fluctuations can result in many different symptoms. Among the more frequently experienced in both men and women alike, are changes in sex drive, mood swings, low metabolism, recurring headaches, and fatigue. Each of these conditions could be tended individually through various medications, or addressed as a whole by replacing the missing hormones.

There are basically two main options for individuals who are choosing to replace the missing hormones. One is to take generalized doses of synthetic products which might develop additional side effects. The other is to utilize bioidentical therapy, made with organic materials which exactly match the elements that the body generates naturally.

One huge advantage to the bioidentical option is that the products are made from organic ingredients and do not have any undesired side effects. They match the human element exactly, down to the molecule. Some hormones that may be replaced in this method are estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and those secreted by the thyroid gland.

Another huge advantage available through bioidentical hormone replacement is the fact that every patient is given a unique dosage, which has been formulated by a technician in a compounding lab, to identically match what their body requires. They may be taken as injections, gels, capsules, pills, or creams. A person should consult their physician prior to beginning any method of hormonal therapy.

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