Aug 3, 2016

What To Consider When Preparing For San Antonio Half Marathon


By Susan Cox

Completing a running race requires more practice and physical fitness. It also requires energy in the bones and muscles to facilitate locomotion. For you to be fit before the racing day reaches there are several physical exercises you need to undertake. Consider the following tips on how to prepare for San Antonio half marathon.

As a runner, your ability to cover several miles during an actual race depends on how frequent you train. One of the parameters that you can use to assess progress as you train is mileage. This parameter entails the maximum distance an individual can cover while running. Try setting mileage targets and surpass them as you train. For example, you can set a mileage target of five miles per day.

Increase the mileage slowly as each week passes. The more mileage you cover during training, the more your body adapts to running long races. Choose a training plan of about fourteen weeks. If it is your first time to participate in a half marathon, choose a longer plan for your body to adapt well to the training.

Note that training plans can be classified based on the duration they take and content covered. Consequently, the amount of time you take to complete every training session also determines how effective the session will be. However, most time consuming physical exercises can be tedious. This may also result to physical injuries. Ensure that you enough rest and train wisely to avoid physical injuries.

There are numerous ways of increasing the running pace during training. You can carry out warm up workouts such as press ups to stimulate and prepare your muscles before you start running. When running, you can increase your speed slowly for this enables you to inhale oxygen needed by the body to generate energy.

You can also adopt cross training days before your half marathon begins. This involves conducting lightweight exercises when you are not running. Exercises like cycling and swimming can be conducted as cross training to optimize physical fitness in your body. These exercises usually target your core and upper body parts hence assisting your body to fight off fatigue caused by running.

Train with family members or colleagues to ensure that you are committed to your routine training schedules. When you seek services of a personal trainer, this expert will ask you whether you prefer training alone or with friends. Insist on training in the presence of other people. This is because when you are a member of a group, your colleagues will be a source of motivation since they encourage you to press on with training.

Research on the race before it begins to be familiar with where it is hosted and how it will be conducted. In most cases, information about half marathons is usually available on the internet. Browse the web to determine the venue of the race as well as kind of energy drinks that runners will be given. Never consume a sports drink you are unfamiliar with that is given in the race. Assess the topography of the venue where the race will be hosted to determine if there are hilly slopes on its race tracks.

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