Aug 2, 2016

You Will Be Glad You Gave Soy Products For Menopause Relief A Shot


By Lewis Fernandez

When confronted with a medical problem such as female menopause, it is difficult to know which route one should take to treat the problem. A big question on everyone's lips is will the treatment be effective against all of the symptoms your body is faced with. Many women in society today turn to the more holistic and natural methods for treatments and find benefits from using soy products for hot flashes.

During their change of life, women have been known to suffer from the following symptoms; Hot flushes, Mood Swings, weight gain, loss of energy, loss of your feel good hormones, hair loss, dry skin, and even to become sicklier. This can result in losing friends, depression, becoming miserable, anxious, generally a moody, irritated person. No one wants to be around that kind of person.

This dramatic turnaround of your body comes from a hormone adaption within your system, unsettling your PH levels. Just like a swimming pool that has the wrong PH, the water won't stay clear, as is the result in your body when your PH is incorrect. The only measure that can be taken to fix this imbalance within your inner sanctum is natural detoxification of your entire body.

The effects of this on the population have been shown in low birth weights of babies, infertility. Animal studies are even more devastating and dramatic and have all been directly linked to the consumption of genetically modified soy. That includes allergies, sterility, birth defects, offspring death rates up to 5 times higher than normal.

The goods are used in different applications but form the base of many soy foods, Miso, is a fermented Soy Bean past, used as a flavoring, it is a great source of many minerals the body requires. Tempeh - an Indonesian specialty made by cooking and dehulling soya beans to form a textured cake, which is solid in form and containing protein, vitamin B, and minerals. Todu - known as Curd, made using Soya milk mixed with soy proteins, calcium or magnesium salts, once the whey is settled and removed the curds are formed producing iron, calcium and a good protein source.

While the Soy products are assisting the body, it is also a good idea to partake of products such as Calcium, Magnesium, and even Coral Calcium. Phosphors can be taken to strengthen bones, which is crucial for nerve conductivity, muscle contraction and your heartbeat. Calcium needs Magnesium in order to assimilate into the body.

While this list of problems in un- fermented soy products goes on and on, the fact remains that not all soy based foods may be good for us. Drinking a little as two glasses of soy milk a day is enough to alter a women's menstruation cycle. Imagine feeding that high concentration to an infant, the effects are magnified 1000 fold, Studies have shown that infants fed on a soy based formula are taking in as much as five birth control pills worth of estrogen per day.

Continuing treatment, including the Soy based products, as well as the vitamins and minerals that your dietitian may prescribe for you will not only build your body up but also assist in maintaining the PH of your system once it is correct and balanced. One should never forget that while all the products in the world can assist without a varied and correctly nutritionally correct meal plan. It will be difficult for your body to cope with all of the changes caused during female Menopause.

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