Sep 1, 2016

Everything You Need To Do Before Taking Part In San Antonio Half Marathon


By Pamela Lewis

First time runners can consider participating in San Antonio marathon races. Seasoned runners will benefit greatly on these races. You will get so many benefits on attending these kinds of races. However, you need to follow required procedure in order to officially attend San Antonio Half Marathon. To be considered as a participant, you need to be registered. By attending this event you will not only exercise your body, but also you will acquire special tactics that will help you prosper in your career.

The outcome of event will be dependent on preparations done. Good preparations will actually result into better and pleasing results. Your mental and physical stability while running the marathon will be dependent on training you do. If you are a beginner consider attending training three times in a week. Each training period, should take half an hour. This training will have an essential impact during event day.

To set a good pace, consider starting preparing three and half months before the big day. In each training day, consider running a distance of about 1.5 miles longer than the previous run. If you accomplish this, there is no doubt, you will be okay and prepared for the event. The longest distance ought to be covered about two weeks before marathon race is held. Appropriate training will help you prepare well.

Consider focusing much on your speed. Try to regulate it well so that it can be very easy for you during the special day. Consider comparing your time, with those which have been set by some of the best runners on the same category. This will help you regulate your speed accordingly. Do training, in an environment and climate that is similar to the one event will be held. Most importantly, consider the time, which event will be held while training.

Clothing you wear during event day will have an impact on the outcome. Wear shoes that are neither too light nor too heavy. These will help you balance well when running. Size to wear should be considered well too. Wrong shoes will make you develop blisters, hence impacting the outcome of race negatively. Choose right socks for your own good.

Consider using one made of nylon or coolmax to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the race. Food rich in carbohydrates are types of food that you need to eat as a breakfast during the big day. This will provide you with energy needed during the race.

Consider doing some light jogging for a bout ten minutes. This will help you preserve energy you require during the run. Body temperature will also be regulated and kept low. By doing this, you will be very fit during event day. On commencing race, consider running first few miles at a slower pace than what you normally run.

As you run remember to do as you had prepared. In the first few minutes of the race, remain composed and relaxed for your own good. Consider increasing speed as you near finishing line. The most important thing is to cross finishing line. Do not worry of how tired you are or the position you are in, just make sure you cross the line.

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