Oct 29, 2016

Considering Using Soy For Hot Flashes


By Laura McFadden

Many females, when going through stages of menopause, will visit their family doctor and seek help to alleviate some of the symptoms. In many instances, the doctor will prescribe a course of drugs designed to reduce night sweats and other symptoms. A large number of women are now looking into more natural solutions and if you are thinking of using soy for hot flashes there are a few important things to be considered beforehand.

Doctors will have approved medication that they can prescribe that will combat some of the menopausal symptoms. The most popular of these is HRT and many females have used it and continue to do so with good results. In some instances, using this particular type of drug has resulted in some side effects so a lot of females are now opting for natural remedies and treatments.

In the past few years, many women have started to drink soy milk to help them with their night sweats and hot flashes. This product contains phytoestrogens which counteract the body's chemicals that cause these sweats and flashes. Although this has yet to be medically approved, there have been some excellent results for many, and there is a great deal of research under way.

Some of the medical reports investigating the use of soy based products have produced mixed opinions and findings and things are not clear. A number of patients have reported some digestive problems and other health problems after regularly using it. There is still a lot of research and testing to be done, and until then, the official facts and findings are unavailable.

Medical reports have been published that have stated using soy can increase the risks of cancer in women. Breast cancer patients are often advised not to use it due to the levels of estrogens. These reports have been countered by others that say its use can help to prevent or slow down some cancers. If you are cancer patient and plan to use soy you should consult your general practitioner in advance.

If you choose to try soy to help there are many other ways to take it than drinking milk. Milk is the most popular way but many people also use food made with it including burgers, snack bars and sausages. Soy beans can also be used when cooking and many vegetarian foods also contain it and these can be found in most supermarkets.

If you decide to use alternative therapies to combat the unpleasant symptoms of menopause there are some things to be aware of. If you have been using soy for a period of time and there are no improvements then it may be unsuitable for you. If it does help, and there are no adverse side effects, there is no reason why you cannot continue with this method of therapy.

Any course of therapy has side effects and your physician should be consulted for advice before you start any treatments. If you are in good health, eat healthy and nutritious foods and do some type of exercise you will respond much better to most therapies. There is a lot of detailed information on the internet regarding the use of soy and reading this may help you with your decisions.

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