Dec 9, 2016

Benefits Of Getting The Sleeve Gastrectomy New York Procedure To Aid In Weight Loss


By Ruth Hamilton

The campaign on weight loss is very popular today due to the rise of illnesses that are as a result of weight issues. There are life-threatening diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes that health experts are advising people on ways that they can prevent these illnesses. There are those people who go for a weight loss program and others enroll at fitness centers. . There are those who take pills but end up getting disappointed when they fail to work. One of the options available is the surgical option such as the sleeve gastrectomy New York treatment.

The method involves surgery as a means of dealing with the excessive weight which helps in limiting the amount one takes in as it causes the person to feel full with little. During the procedure, a vertical gastric sleeve is left in the stomach as the rest is removed. The operation leaves you with only a banana size tummy, and it has proven to be effective as many who have used it are happy with the results.

One of the benefits of this procedure is that the process that your stay in the hospital will be short. Laparoscopic is the technique that is used for this procedure which takes relatively a short period. You will also experience less pain than the usual process, and you will notice that the scars are less. When you compare this process with other open operations, the period of healing and recovery is much shorter.

Another benefit is that you get to save on cash when you use this surgical procedure. The illnesses that are related to weight are usually costly to treat. This is because they require drugs and visits to the doctor so that they are managed. On the other hand, this operation only has a one-time cost and all you will need, is an effort to maintain your new look.

This procedure also improves the quality of life of an individual. After going through this surgical method, ones esteem will be very high, and they even get time to get involved in physical activities. After going through this procedure, the individual feels that they can now become more productive and this improves their economic well-being.

Another benefit is that one experiences fewer cravings. Clinical studies have shown that after going through this surgery, ones liking for sweets goes down. Ghrelin levels also go down. Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for controlling hunger.

The cost of the sleeve gastrectomy surgery has also dropped making this world-class treatment affordable for everybody. In case you have wanted this procedure done but could not afford it, then you should know that the prices have dropped. This is a good thing as now more people can get the operation done and reduce the risk of the serious diseases.

The method should only be used by those who have no other alternative ways of weight loss that is if they have conditions that cannot allow them to use any other method. If you choose to go for this procedure, make sure you deal with only professionals who also have experience in dealing with the process.

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