Dec 25, 2016

Soy Products For Hot Flashes Can Be An Alternative To Drugs


By Daisy Marsh

As women reach the stage called menopause, they often must deal with changes in their bodies and moods. Many times women suffer through this period in their live without any help from hormone replacement therapy or other means. Hot flashes especially are disrupting to a woman's life and causes her to suffer its symptoms that can often be maddening. But there is hope in soy products for hot flashes.

Soy has been on the market for a long time, it just had not taken prominence in our society as a food source until recent years. Now you can find soy products in many foods and beverages and also in supplement form for those who just don't like the taste of soy. Women who take soy supplements have found some relief from their symptoms and this is promising for future research.

This versatile food has been studied the most in hopes that it can help women going through menopause. Universities and research labs have conducted studies into the effectiveness of soy in helping to control hot flashes and perhaps even giving some relief from this symptom alone. The findings of these studies have shown vast improvement in the intensity and frequency of hot flashes and reducing them by at least 50% using soy products.

Not only is this food source more readily available than it has been in the past, it is now used in many food and beverages as well as in pill form. Since soy is an acquired taste, many have found the soy pill to be of benefit to them if they don't like the taste of the food source. Many women have found relief in this way rather than taking hormone replacement therapy and increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke or blood clots.

This natural remedy actually benefits the body in many ways because it is natural and provides nutrients that the body needs daily. It can strengthen bones, improve moods and provide overall nutrition for the body to help keep it healthy and fit. This is important for a woman during this time as her body is changing due to aging.

For women suffering these symptoms you may give this natural alternative a try to see if it works for you. As menopause is different for each woman not all alternatives may work for everyone. You should always speak with your family doctor or gynecologist before taking any supplements to find out if they will be of benefit to you and your health.

Know that soy will not take away all the symptoms of menopause but it will help to control them better so you don't have to suffer in silence. You may enjoy better sleep and improved moods as well without jeopardizing your health with prescription medications that can often lead to heart disease, blood clots, stroke and breast cancer.

Living life with menopause can be challenging but know that there are other more natural ways to control the symptoms of this natural change in the body. Using supplements or foods that help with the symptoms goes a long way in working with the body and not against it. It is a choice that you have in treating your body right and giving it what it needs to function at its best.

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