Dec 25, 2016

Why Home Inspections RI Are Essential


By Lisa Johnson

Before buying a home, it is important to take due diligence. One of the things you should not forget is to carry out a house inspection. This procedure involves examining the house and its systems. By performing home inspections RI residents can avoid purchasing a house that has severe structural defects or other issues.

Although your real estate agent can refer you to a property inspector, it is advisable to contact several licensed inspectors and then select the person you are most comfortable with. Choosing the inspector who was referred to you by your real estate agent has the potential to be a conflict of interest. House inspections are a worthwhile investment that will help you avoid unforeseen expenses in the future.

The inspection will disclose any defect in the home. One thing that the professional inspector will look for is signs of damage caused by wood boring insects. The Professional will also check if dry rot is present in any location of the dwelling. The property inspector will also check if certain conditions can cause issues in the future, such as wood, which is in physical contact with the ground.

House inspectors also evaluate the condition of the HVAC system. Cleaning and servicing furnaces regularly is essential. If an inspector finds out that that the HVAC systems is not functioning as it should, he or she can recommend that an AC technician be called in to find out what is causing the malfunction. The HVAC technician should inform the prospective home buyer about the average amount of money that he or she will spend to repair or replace the system.

Inspectors also check is whether a property has lead based paint. The federal government passed laws banning the use of this kind of paint in 1978. However, some houses built later than 1978 still have lead based paints. If a house contains such paint, then is it important to hire a contractor who can remove it.

The other structure that inspectors examine is the roof. They are able to determine if the roof is in good condition and how many more years it will last. The inspectors also inform their clients how much they can expect to spend on roofing repairs or replacement.

There are many places in the United States, which have radon gas. For this reason, property inspectors also check if a house has this gas. Radon is known to accumulate in enclosed areas such as basements. If the concentration of radon in a house is high, the residents can suffer from serious health problems.

If a home has a septic system, the property inspector will also examine it. Septic systems have tanks that collect solid waste and drain fields that dissipate the waste water. The property inspector can perform a simple dye test to determine if the drain field is functioning properly. In order to check entire septic systems, the inspectors can have the tank pumped out and then examine it visually. These professionals also check if a house has mold and if there is a buried oil tank on the property. They also test the quality of well water in properties with wells. When an inspection report is good, the prospective buyer can proceed to purchase the home. Otherwise, he or she can either ask the seller to fix the problems or search for a different property.

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