Feb 7, 2017

Things To Know Regarding Soy Products For Menopause Relief


By Mayra Horner

Menopause is that stage when woman ovaries stop producing estrogen. This may be from 45-55 years though others experience it early or even later in their life time. Sometimes it does not apply to all women. It has been noted that ladies who experience their menopausal symptoms early take too long than their counter parts. However, menopause relief with soyis recommended by many medical experts.

Despite having been proven to relief menopause symptoms, not all soy products are useful. However, when using them one has to be aware of these effects that they are going to have on their bodies. Soybeans are known to have high level of phytic acid than other legumes or grains.

Using soy products during this period can help reduce hot flashes experienced during this period by increasing the level of estrogen in the body. This ensures that the body has been supplied with the recommended level of estrogen for it to function well. This helps one get through over this effects and live a normal life.

Apart from prevention of menopause symptoms soy basically have also been used in the prevention of cancer and more so breast cancer. A study conducted in Asia on women who consumed the traditional soy products when they were young or at their teenage stage had low chances of suffering from breast cancer compared to their counterparts.

This is made possible due to the chemical constituent in soy beans isoflavones which belong to phytoestrogen chemical class. Phytoestrogens though weak compared to human estrogen have the same structure as estrogen produced in the bodies. When these phytoestrogen are supplied in our bodies they combine with estrogen receptor section in the breast tissues where they block our body estrogen which is stronger from coupling thus preventing them from inducing cancerous alterations in the breast tissues.

Daily consumption of soy products can lower ones risk of developing heart problems. This is because soy lowers the cholesterol levels thus providing a healthy heart. Normally the recommended daily soy consumption should be 25 grams since high intake has been associated with digestive system disorders.

This can negatively impact your business and can reduce the business profit margins due to poor customer services. Increasing the level of your estrogen hormone can help reduce these effects and built a strong relationship at work, taking soy products can help overcome these menopause symptoms by regulating hormones in the body.

In the United States most soy beans are genetically modified. This means that they can withstand any kind of pesticide that may be used to kill the pests without harming the plant itself. This simply means that a lot of people may be exposing themselves to carcinogens without knowing. This can pose a lot of health problem to our bodies than we thought. To void exposure to these harmful chemicals, it is recommended to use the organic soy beans.

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