Mar 14, 2017

Why Trauma Healing San Diego CA Is Important


By Stephanie Carter

Any sort of traumatic situation can have a great on one's life. A lot of people suffer with depression, anxiety, anger and isolation during this time of their life. Of course, trauma healing San Diego CA can depend on the severity and the individual as well as the individual. For example, children who have been sexually abused will find it a lot more difficult to cope in their adult lives.

In saying that, even when one has been exposed to a hijacking or a death, it is necessary to deal with the situation. These emotions can eat away into your life, and you will find it difficult to cope on a daily basis. You will find that the memories are difficult to deal with. You may be struggling with flashbacks and you will also experience physical symptoms, such as headaches and aches and pains.

The first thing that patients begin to understand is that it is never their fault. This can be a huge relief after they have been feeling ashamed all of their lives. Being in the company of a psychologist who is compassionate, understanding and caring can make the world of difference. Slowly, the patient will begin to build up confidence within themselves.

Besides abuse, which is very serious, one can also be traumatized by natural events, such as earthquakes or fires. When a person loses their home in a fire, they may be in a state of shock. A lot of people feel that they simply need to get over this in their own way. Some people think that time will heal the scars. There are people who are so busy working on certain project that they forget about the emotional aspect.

One needs to deal with these sorts of natural disasters as well. Losing a home in a fire or a flood can be devastating. Adjusting to a new way of life at the drop of a hat is never easy. There is so much that you have to get used to. You may find that you are depressed because you have suddenly moved to a location where you don't know anyone. You have lost everything and you feel as if you don't have an identity.

Death can also create a lot of trauma in one's life. This can affect the whole family. There are people who suffer when the illness was drawn out and they watched their loved one suffer, in the cancer of something like cancer. This will play on their minds. Something more sudden will also create a lot of trauma. Losing a loved one in a car accident can be a huge shock to the system.

This is where conflicts can develop within the relationship. They may drift apart. Guilt and shame will begin to develop as well.

It is important not to isolate yourselves from other people. It is natural to withdraw from time to time, but patients in San Diego CA are encouraged to socialize with others. It is important to make this type of effort. This can be a type of informal support. You will find that when you isolate, you will become more depressed and anxious as well.

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