May 28, 2017

Natural Remedies To Deal With Arthritis Pain


By Thomas Baker

CDC, Center for Disease Control estimates that close to 50 million American citizens experience different forms of arthritic pain. This is a huge number of people who cannot move or perform ordinary mortal affairs. There is also a notion that arthritis is a chronic condition that has no cure. The reality is that arthritic pain can easily and effectively be managed. Here are easily accessible remedies that will restore your normal life by dealing with the pain.

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the options that will save you from arthritic pain. The presence of excess fat is a strain to joints that are already partially damaged and thus highly sensitive. The fat contributes to inflammation, making the condition even more painful. Exercise and eat health foods in order to maintain the right balance of fat-muscle ratio. Your joints will not be under pressure which reduces the pain.

There are foods that have been proven to make arthritic conditions bearable. The best option includes foods that fight inflammation. They include foods rich in sulfur, omega-3, anti-oxidants and fiber. Fish, vegetables like onions, garlic, asparagus and cabbages are highly recommended. Bone broth is also excellent alongside fruits like melons, papaya, melons and berries. High fiber diets like legumes, flax seeds, grains, walnuts and chia seeds are also recommended.

The pain of arthritic joints makes movement difficult for the affected. However, the pain is usually at the beginning of movement. Exercises strengthen muscles and make them more resilient and thus able to withstand pain. Other benefits associated to exercises and beneficial arthritic patients include increasing movement range, promoting cardio health, improving immunity and reducing your weight. Guidance from a professional is important to ensure that exercises are safe.

Patients suffering from osteo-arthritic pain have been proven to benefit from therapy options like chiropractics. This form of therapy is even recommended for very severe conditions. Health professionals recommend therapy for arthritic conditions, among others that are usually very painful. With the assistance of an expert in arthritic conditions in Russellville, AR, your condition becomes easier to manage.

Proper functioning of joints requires adequate oiling, after all, these are moving parts. According to scientific research, regular olive oil intake has been proven to make joints supple. The level of purity of the oil used determines the extent of relief it provides. Other steps you can take on the oil include using olive oil in place of butter in your cooking. Olive oil is also used during massage to treat sore areas.

There is a healing effect when you meditate and relax. This makes meditation a therapeutic option for arthritic pain. Meditation also reduces stress which translates in less swelling, pain and inflammation. Meditation can be combined with massage to deal with sore areas on your limbs and increase your range of motion. Meditation also makes the body more resilient to pain.

There are numerous herbs and plant extracts you should consider for arthritic pain, most of which are locally available. They include pectin and grape juice, bosweilla, golden raisin and gin. Consider juniper berry tea peppermint and white willow tea as well. Remember that these remedies are not an alternative to medicines prescribed by your doctor.

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