Aug 13, 2016

Bad Drinks Can Ruin Your Diet


By Walt Jensen

What parts of your lifestyle are making you put weight on? To lose weight you must know what foods, drinks or lifestyle is causing the weight gain. If you're not exercising, this is one way to gain weight. Being active helps increase your metabolism which will help you lose weight.

The food you eat is another important part in any weight loss plan. Take a look at your diet and figure out what the unhealthy choices are that you are making on the type of food you eat. Eating fruits and vegetables are important, but what type of drinks you consume is also very important.

Drinking the right fluids can be the difference between successfully losing weight or having your diet fall apart after only a month, because you're not making any progress. You need to understand what the good beverages are and what the bad beverages are.

Here are the healthy drinks.

The first is water. It is very good for the body because it will hydrate you, quench your thirst, without adding any calories into your diet. If you want to drink your tap water, then first have it tested for anything harmful. So if your tap water in not good enough, then bottled water, or even using a filter on your tap water will make good drinking water.

Flavored water can contain sugar, which have no nutritional value. Sugar free flavor packets or fresh fruit juice are good choices.

Milk - Very good drink choice that is loaded with calcium and vitamin D also. This is a great choice for growing bodies and healthy minded adults alike. It is good for your body, but do not drink the flavored milk, as they contain more calories.

These are the bad drinks.

Soda - This is a bad drink even if it tastes so good. Soda has a lot of calories and sugars that have no nutritional value and will hurt your weight loss plan. Take a look at the nutrition label on a can of soda the next time you go shopping, and you will be surprised just how many calories are in a can.

Alcohol Beverages

If you have a beer, sure it might taste good, but it does bring with it more calories into your diet. Wine has a lot of calories, but it has antioxidant properties that are good for the human heart. You need to drink wine in moderation though. Remember that what drinks you consume can have a big effect on your weight loss plan.

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